Raindirk Symphony LN2

Our control room is based around a Raindirk Symphony LN2. It was initially ordered by Decca recordings as a location recording desk, with various custom features to suit their needs. In late August 2012 it became ours and we have since brought it to 100% working order. It is dead quiet and very clean, but not boring clean. It has a lush sound to it, probably because of Cyril Jones’s attention to detail in all stages of the production. Highly flexible routing, one of the best EQs we have ever heard and great sonics make it a top choice for recording and mixing.

Standard Features

  • 40 channels of inline design, 80 inputs on mixdown
  • 32 group busses
  • 8 mono auxiliaries, 2 stereo cues
  • 6 stereo returns
  • 2 stereo buses, fully differential
  • Center section global status switch, individual override on each channel
  • 4 band fully parametric eq plus sweepable high pass filter

Custom Features

  • Fully recapped/serviced/calibrated since February 2015. Panasonic FM 105C used throughout.
  • Discrete master buss opamps provided by Burson Audio
  • Mono bus
  • 8 subgroups in center section normalled to groups 9-16
  • Marinair transformers on aux,cue,mono outs
  • Decca style metering
  • Extra sturdy construction
  • 2 power supplies, each able to run the console on its own
  • monitor speaker outs 4 and 5 act as global send/returns

The Unreal Console – Click thumbnails for larger view