Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27 Gen 2


Probably one of the best purchases we have ever made, if not the best. Along with our control room acoustics, this is the essence of Unreal. The fact that inside the control room, you can work without fatigue and be certain that the end product TRANSLATES. The Barefoots do not sound good, they sound accurate. While they do have a voicing of their own (as all speakers do), it is the closest thing we have ever heard to “just the music”. We have usable audio content down to 25 HZ. You can feel it and hear it.

STATUS UPDATE: We have since upgraded to to the gen2s. Along with their emulation mode (flat, ns10,auratone, HIFI) and their aes inputs, translation is really amazing. we have paired them with a trinnov ST2 pro to flatten our 27 hz spike.

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