AMEK 9098eq

One of the best and most underrated pieces of equipment in our opinion. While the preamp is ok, clean and simple, the eq is where the unit really shines. 4 band fully parametric eq plus high pass and low pass filters. Notch mode, Sheen and Glow on shelving filters that alter the curve from the standard steep to more broad, gentle slopes. Very musical, responsive, versatile. If we could have 10 of them, we would.

And on the subject of whether to eq something on the grounds of “keeping things natural” from the mind of Rupert himself:
“Purists might say they would like to set everything flat in the hope that this might provide a ‘natural’ or unprocessed sound. In nature, however, nothing is flat. Every sound we hear has been influenced by acoustic or mechanical resonances, be they from rooms, instruments, loudspeakers, microphones or other sources. The finest musical instruments have achieved their qualities through years – sometimes centuries of listening and adjusting resonances, and therefore, the generic frequency response and attendant shifts in phase. AMEK has never been reluctant to employ a good equaliser to get musically desirable results!”

The manual is quite an interesting read as well. Highly recommended!

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