API Lunchbox A

API Lunchbox 6B containing:

2x Neve 1073LB: AMS Neve 500 series format of the famous 1073 preamp. Just the preamp, not the EQ. So not exactly a 1073… Regardless, they are probably not the same as the originals, but we don’t care cause they sound just great on their own. Quite tight sounding, “specific” low mids. Low Z switch for use with ribbons and dynamics (the loading from the low input impedance creates different sonic results) and line output trim.

2x API 512c: Mostly the same as the 3124+. Punchyblahblahgreatblahblah.

2x A Designs P1: Based on the Pacifica preamp, which in turn is based upon the Sphere console. Lush and expensive sounding. Usually sounds good on anything, especially overheads.

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