Lynx Aurrora16VT

Our main converters. Having two of them gives us the ability to record up to 32 simultaneous channels. Not overkill if recording a band live. These are the VT versions (short for variable trim) which enables us to trim the relation between dBu and dBFS. Right now 1.228V @ 1khz = 0Vu = +3 (raindirdk meters) = -18dBFS. Come mix time, up to 32 outputs from the DAW can be sent to the console. The majority of the mix can be analog,and if analog channel count is not enough, we submix minor stuff from the DAW (samples, backing vox etc). They sound neutral, clean and especially nice at 96khz which is our usual sampling rate.

STATUS UPDATE: Units no longer available. Used as a reference. ( blah blah blah nice and neutral, what the fuck was i thinking..)

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