Prismsound ADA-8XR


The story went something like this. We were looking to dump the DSD cause it gave us headaches. While amazing sounding, few mastering houses would accept DSD, therefore we either had to convert to pcm or go to the mastering house with the whole unit. The real problems started when one of us had a mastering session and the other one had to mix. In true unreal spirit, we bought a second unit. At one point though we had two mastering sessions and a mixing session at the same time. So we said “fuck it” and turned to PCM. After many emails and searching and listening we found a used ADA8-XR in france. The major problem was that since it was 8 channels, it left us with 6 channels to use for multitrack outs… It all went downhill from there. Not for a moment could we stand listening to our precious tracks being converted by a “lesser” converter. The path was clear. WE WOULD BUY FIVE OF THEM. which would give us 40 i/o during recording, and 38 during mixdown since 2 of them are used for master capturing. In less than a years’ time since we first uttered the words “damn you DSD” we have purchased 4 of them. 1 to go.

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