HUGE monitoring update

by unreal on November 4, 2013

Its been a while since our last news update but it was surely worth it! We our proud owners of the new Barefoot Sound MM27 Gen2. Apart from sounding amazing, they have 4 emulation modes selected by a remote control unit. These are: The flat setting, a hifi setting, an NS-10 setting and an Auratone setting. The control room is now +-3 dB across the entire frequency spectrum. And that is not all. We also got a pair of Spiral Grooves Studio one. These little speakers are amazing for low level mixing and their accuracy and imaging is Unreal (pun intended). Finally we got a crappy 2.1 logitech system, just to be sure how it sounds in the worst case scenario. It is driven from the -10dBV outs of our Korg MR2000s. All in all, we now have 7 monitoring references. 4 from the Barefoots, the Spiral Grooves, the logitech system and a mono auratone. It is safe to assume that Unreal translates!

2013-10-18 03.45.17

2013-10-17 22.54.42

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