Time flies by.

by unreal on March 16, 2018

Every time we think of updating the news section or the site itself something happens. We forget, we’re swamped, we have a million more important things to do. Or so we think. We’re actually thinking of building a new website just so it’s easier to update, and therefore more frequent. We’re getting older, it’s quite apparent now. The team took some casualties, but new players entered the game as well. We have families now, gear doesn’t seem to be as shinny as it once was. Our unhealthy love for music still persists, so we’ve been more busy than ever. The “productions” page has new music up, divided in “familiar” categories. The addition of new gear is as steady as ever, but also quite “ordinary” now. Hopefully, at some point, we’ll update the gear page too.

Audio hunt interview

by unreal on October 5, 2016

A small but tasty interview is up on the audio hunt website.

Check it out here

Productions page update

by unreal on July 26, 2016

We uploaded some new tracks from Planet of Zeus, We.Own.the.Sky, Despite Everything, Night Knight and Space Blanket. Soon we will add Minerva Superduty,Ruined families, Dephosphorous , Friend of Gods. Enjoy.

Back from the dead

by unreal on July 25, 2015

A really long time has passed since our last news update, probably cause we’ve been hellishly busy. And we were bored. There, I said it. Although since then, a myriad of thingsĀ  changed/upgraded.

In no significant order of importance, these things have happened:

  • We took a two month downtime during which we recapped and serviced our console. It sounds like new again, and we are dead set on keeping it running perfectly at all times. talk about idiots huh?
  • Lots of new gear, mics, backline. Everything will appear soon enough on our equipment page. The list is too big for this segment.
  • The whole mansion was restored to its former glory, courtesy of some Egyptian master builders. It changed from “creepy looking squat” to “villa for hire”. Granted, some people might prefer the old look (ourselves included),but alas, it had to be done. Plans to revamp the garden into a haven for bands underway. Pics will be up soon.
  • The -never used- iso booth was transformed into a really cool and quite high end editing room. Dubbed “the cave” due to its smallish size, it perfects our workflow, since it can be used simultaneously with the other rooms. We spared no expense. Pics and info soon.
  • Planning to upload new music on the “productions” page soon. Some new stuff is already up, more to come.
  • Lastly and most importantly, we feel that Unreal is finally mature enough to stop with the massive gearslutism and focus on making music. Did I say that?! No, No, i meant that we got a really cool 1073cloneASWARGSAGRGRGGHHHH!!!! Seriously though, we have done some amazing projects over these years. From black metal to handpan music, to soundtracks, to flamengo, to post metal. In essence, we’ve been getting all the sexy gigs, all the time! ha! The only reason we feel somewhat content with the gear is because we have so many! It all runs like clockwork. Now, if we could only get the mansion to levitate…

HUGE monitoring update

by unreal on November 4, 2013

Its been a while since our last news update but it was surely worth it! We our proud owners of the new Barefoot Sound MM27 Gen2. Apart from sounding amazing, they have 4 emulation modes selected by a remote control unit. These are: The flat setting, a hifi setting, an NS-10 setting and an Auratone setting. The control room is now +-3 dB across the entire frequency spectrum. And that is not all. We also got a pair of Spiral Grooves Studio one. These little speakers are amazing for low level mixing and their accuracy and imaging is Unreal (pun intended). Finally we got a crappy 2.1 logitech system, just to be sure how it sounds in the worst case scenario. It is driven from the -10dBV outs of our Korg MR2000s. All in all, we now have 7 monitoring references. 4 from the Barefoots, the Spiral Grooves, the logitech system and a mono auratone. It is safe to assume that Unreal translates!

2013-10-18 03.45.17

2013-10-17 22.54.42

Kitchen renovation

by unreal on September 7, 2013

New paint job and ultra cool electronics corner at last.

Kitchen Epos

Endless G.A.S

by unreal on April 15, 2013


our Heil endorsement finally came through and we are proud owners of an HDK7 drum microphone kit, pictured below!


We also got an Alan Smart C2, which is probably gonna park it self on the master inserts forever and ever and ever.

Last but not least, a Summit audio MPC-100A “happened” to fall in our hands. Ain’t that weird?!

Did i mention the BAC500? the second AT3525?

Nerf Maverick REV 6

by unreal on March 25, 2013


Revolver-type blaster, resembling the classic Mateba MTR-8, the Maverick REV 6 is capable of delivering pure fun. With an average rate of fire of 60 rounds per minute and a range of 7.5 meters it can break anyone’s balls despite the fact that it doesn’t hurt at all. The tactical rail above the slide clock can fit accessories such as scope or tactical light. Also the darts make epic sound while in air(vziiiiiiiiiing…). We are currently training our dog Liaba to fetch the darts. I don’t think it will ever work…

Oh ma Gad!!!

by unreal on March 24, 2013

YES. IT IS TRUE. we sold our souls to satan and now you can follow us, like us, finger us on our brand new FACEBOOK PAGE! Attention whores unite!

We shall never ever stop!

by unreal on February 24, 2013

New stuff at unreal yet again!!!!

korg mr2000s DSD master recorder.

Kirchhoff arctic snare.

oh, and we are building a forge. you heard me. A FORGE.