Can I play, Daddy?

Night Knight – Set it on Fire
There is a rumor flying around that we were actually playing Starcraft while he was recording the vocals. Let me clear the air a bit and state that it is absolutely TRUE. That is what you get for being a smartass. Other that that little incident, it was one of the most relaxed and rewarding productions we were ever involved with. Having one guy produce and play all the instruments shows intent and vision when done properly. And those attributes are easily transferred to the music.

Rami Winston – Lilac Light
Rami’s acoustic ep was completed in a day, from recording to final product. Recorded to tape at 3.75ips and varispeed played to recreate “that” sound.

Limpin Express – Bad JuJu Woman
A blues rock album recorded with the isolated live method.. The singer never keeps his mouth shut. Ever. And he dresses like a cowboy.This album also marks our first front to back production with our Raindirk LN2.

Spyros Pan – The Ronin
This time around i think we managed to capture an amazing sound and performance from Spyros’s hang(s), while blending it with electronics and other instruments like double bass. It has a very nice flow to it while the ambiences can potentially send chills down your spine. If you are into that sort of thing that is.

Misuse – Dear hunter, Part I
Misuse’s “April” was a great undertaking, completed under the watchful eye of Nick Cubin, producer extraordinaire. This beautiful sounding grand piano is a 1939 Ronisch.

The Voyage Limpid Sound – Fear
You should have seen his face when he first came at Unreal! “You are gonna mix it?! A metalhead? REALLY?!” “But, but, i am a sixties dude, i am sensitive…” HaHaHah. Turned out pretty cool, huh?

Crestfallen – Henceforth, I seldom repose in it
And now on to something different. Having taken no less than 7 months in production, this saga of a project needed the best organising we had ever faced up to that time. It involved fifteen musicians for various classical/acoustic instruments, a ten-piece choir, two tonmeisters, around five sound engineers and, quite normally, a production coordinator; without excluding the composer himself, according to whom this album forms a triptych where visual artwork, lyrics/poetry and music are of equal importance.

Balkan Clarinet Summit – Nostalgic Dances
Unique ensemble of various types of clarinet, recorded live while touring in 2012, mixed with some Unreal magic to compensate for the touring compromises, successfully! Funded by the German Goethe Institute, kind permission for the upload by Claudio Puntin, copyright of Piranha Records.