I am Death incarnate!

Blame Kandinsky – Motivation
What you hear was recorded completely live. No overdubs (except vocals), no fancy edits. no corrections of parts or complete re-recording of instruments. Many of the tracks in the album were either the first or second take. The singer still tells horrible jokes, and now he’s fat. Ha!

Abyssus – Revenge
We recently acquired a time machine and mastered all the secrets of old school metal creation. We dare you to guess if this was done in the early 90s or not. Guess who plays bass btw…

Divine Element – Call of the Blade
The diverse nature of Divine Element’s album “Thaurachs of Borsu” kept us troubled for a long time until finally coming up with a “sound”. Most of the material had been recorded outside of Unreal. Released a year later we discovered according to the reviews that we had managed to produce an album with its own unique sound among the vastness of the extreme metal scene. A rewarding fact.

Minerva Superduty – W3
Virgin olive oil, goat cheese and metal. Four guys from Kalamata managed to fit all these in a 24 min LP. And they fit perfectly resulting in a dark-hardcore post-apocalyptic mayhem. Recorded at Kalamata, mixed at Unreal.

Blame Kandinsky – Beautiful Savages
I fuckin hate the singer. He tells the most horrible jokes ever. As a screamer though he is perfect. The rest of them are a bunch of idiots. Collectively, they are an amazing band.

Dephosphorus – The Light Of Ancient Mistakes
An amazing band with a robust, complete aesthetic. They play “Astro-Grind” and they sound exactly like that. Their drummer is by far the loudest hitter recorded at Unreal to date. This is a quite accurate description of their sound, taken from a webzine review:
“If you sent anarchists out into the farthest reaches of the galaxy to form space-squats, they would play some sort of cosmic crust-grind, altered by the journey: the genreā€™s dystopian anger transmuted into fervent hunger for a real future, and wide-eyed reverence for the approaching stars.”

Ixpapalotl – Conversing Within
Awesome death metal. An ep completed in 6 days during the summer of 2009. We had a great time and everyone loved the oldschool result. They are nerds. Metal nerds!

Awe – Actus Primus
A very special band within our black metal circles, masters of wonderful riffs and atmosphere.

Sarabante – Revelation
The guitars for this iconic underground album were recorded at Unreal. If memory serves right, the two guitars were recorded simultaneously to accentuate the live feeling.