Rates & Bookings

Listen up. It’s quite simple. Unreal is 30 euro per hour (+VAT where applicable) for anything you wanna do here. Be it mixing, recording, editing, or just plain bust our balls with your half witty remarks about sound. There are no hidden costs, everything is included in the price including all backline and that super special tube mic. If you want to record piano though, there is a flat fee of 100 euro to tune it. That goes directly to Albert so take it up with him. And no, you cannot skip the piano tuning, even if “it sounds good enough to you”. If you need something special we can always rent it from a backline provider. The Cave is 15 euro per hour (+VAT where applicable).

At the end of the day we calculate how many hours we spent working, and how many we spent chatting, eating, or chasing you around with a wet wooden plank. We deduct those hours and whatever remains is the amount charged for that day. Simple, and fair to both sides.

Bear in mind that since we actually use the console and we mostly use analog processing, Unreal always works on a lockdown basis. That means that there can only be one artist at a time booking the studio. Or we can do “chapters”. All recordings can be considered one chapter. All mixing too. All drum recordings for an album can be one chapter as well. 4 tracks of guitars now and another 5 next week is not considered a chapter. In essence, we try to avoid tearing up and setting up the same instrument or mix twice. Recall is a bitch, and when the song is done, it is done. Learn to love it. (That is Joe’s quote).

All payment must be carried out in full if you plan on getting your masters or multitracks.