Control Room

If there is one place to be in Unreal Studio, that would be the control room. We take pride in our control room’s translation ability. The sound is uniform and even, with a fairly large sweetspot. It was designed by Harry Moraitis, using various custom elements along with products from RPG (diffractal, modex plate, modex corner, omnifussor). What do you think is more important? A great control room, or a great live room? Well, the correct answer is “both”, but if you had to choose one, it should be the control room. This is the place where one makes all the judgment calls regarding sound, translation, aesthetics. If you can’t hear the truth, your material will only play back as it should on that particular space it was created. It’s better to have a nasty live room and be able to work around it since your control room tells the truth, than to have a wonderful live room and be tricked by the control room into wrong decisions. Not that our live room is nasty, mind you.

Unreal Control Room – Click thumbnails for larger view